Triada Technologies – Sealing technology provider for your complete Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sealing applications.

We strongly urge our customers and associates to validate the products that are being offered to ensure its suitability and performance based on their applications, hardware & operating conditions, through their own analysis and testing.

Over the past several decades, Hydraulic & Pneumatic industry have grown multifold to meet the ever increasing customer demands and also to cope with the industry requirements. Along with this, the sealing technology also has seen a phenomenal advancement in technology in terms of material development, seal designs, hardware finishing methodology, assembly processes etc, there by offering a wide range of options, normally putting the customer into confusion. TTIPL, through their years of expertise in the Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealing field is putting their earnest effort to assist our customers to overcome this difficulty by explaining the various aspects and fundamentals of sealing system designs and related technology.

We would like to provide our esteemed customers a wide portfolio of sealing elements, using which the user or designer can evaluate the capabilities or limitations of each of these elements and there by evolve/arrive at the most appropriate sealing system for their applications. Needless to mention that the expert team at Triada is still available at your service to assist you in this aspect and also please note that Triada’s expertise in the Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealing field can support you with custom designed seals/ material formulations to help the customers meet any challenging requirements.

Triada works in partnership with some of the best known seal manufacturers in the world, to bring in the most innovative technology and quality products to the industry. Our Value added services combined with our capability to design new products, best in class sourcing expertise, logistic management, cost optimization and our unbeatable customer service shall be vital in your efforts to engineer world class products – technically & commercially.
Product section also provides certain technical information, which finds its usage while selecting the best sealing system for your application. It has been our earnest desire to provide all necessary information to the designers/users, while at the same time putting our efforts to ensure that Triada shall be a one stop provider of all your sealing requirements.