Static Seals

Eventhough commonly called as Static Seals, these Sealing Elements finds its usage in Dynamic Applications also, but depending on the applications where a High Reliability or other demanding performance criteria does not exist. Triada, from its extensive range can offer almost all the types or varieties of Static Seals like O-Rings, Quad Rings®, Square Rings, Back-Up Rings, Gaskets, Metal O-Rings, Flange Seals, Dampers etc. These Products are available in variety of Materials selected based on the Media or Application parameters. These Static Seals are mostly referred to as back stage functionaries, as their performance is also vital to have a Leak Free Environment.

Note: Kindly contact Application Engineering Team @ Triada Technologies, who will be delighted to assist you in selecting the most appropriate seal design, material etc, for your application.


Metal O-Ring with or without Gas filling, Widely used in high temperature applications and also FDA applications. Custom made and thus can deliver as per the Customer requirements.

Fluids: Hydraulic fluids (Mineral Oil based ).


Open Metal O-Ring with a C-section, giving an enhanced spring action, particularly used in face sealing applications.


The Most widely used Seal, which is in a way an efficient and economical Sealing Element. Available in various standards like ISO 3601, AS568A, JIS B 2401, GHOST etc and also in various compounds, including PTFE, to be selected based on the application, media, temperature etc etc.Larger Diameters are available in Vulcanised version. These O-Rings can be delivered with special coatings in order to enable automated assemblies. Application Engineering Team of Triada will be delighted to assist you in selecting the right O-Ring Compound and size, based on your application.


An excellent alternative to O-Rings as a Static Seal and also with better extrusion resistance.Also does not require Back-Up Rings and also avoids twisting while assembling.


PTFE Spiral Back Up Rings are rectangular in cross section and also used for reciprocating movements. It has a complete two spiral winding and cut at an angle of 30 or 45 Deg at the ends.Finds applications where uncut Back Up Rings are not suitable and also this can adjust to any variations in the size of the groove, on account of temperature variations in the Cylinder and also due to machining tolerance variations.


Available in NBR as well as FKM, provides a good support to the O-Ring, particularly under pulsating pressures. Not suggested for Rotary movements and preferred for static use. This design is available in PTFE material also, which can be used for both Reciprocating and Rotary movements and these may be used for static and dynamic applications.


Most widely used Back Up Ring design, can be used for both Reciprocating and Rotary movements. Available in Cut (30 or 45 Degree) version as well as uncut version, to be decided based on the application.


A combination of metal ring and an elastomer sealing lip vulcanised to this metal ring. Best suited for sealing of bolts and studs.Available for Metric, BSP and also whitworth threads.


Self centering type, avoiding the need for countersunk holes for centering purpose.


Postive sealing function with low tightening torque. Mostly used with metric bolts.


 Effective sealing by sealing in the thread and also centers the seal automatically. Need to take care to avoid chipping of the lips, while positioning the seal on the bolt.


A good static seal, where O-Ring+Back Up Ring arrangement may have limitations as regards to extrusion and also pulsating pressures.


An excellent alternative to the O-Ring+Back Up Ring and also easy to assemble. The design helps in accomodating larger extrusion gaps and also helps with inventory management. Of course, need to take care of the temperature requirements, while deciding to put this into use.


A good flange seal, which can withstand high temperatures and also compatible to various media, based on the seal and sping material selection. Available for external as well as internal sealing function.


 A four lobbed elastomer seal, compatible to an O-Ring groove (AS568A), with an improved sealing efficiency, that too with a lower friction. Also avoids twisting of the seal during installation.