Triada believes in offering Value Integrated Services [VIS] to all its customers cutting across any segment or business line.

Triada Technologies has already established its name in the industry, offering High end Sealing Solutions to its valued Customers across various Segments like Construction Equipments, Alternate Energy, Machine Tools, Injection Moulding Machines, Pharma Equipments, Material Handling Equipments, Valves & Compressors etc.

Triada focuses on Customer’s specific requirements and offers the most apt Sealing Solution for the application, which is economically viable too. Thanks to the decades of experience of the Triada Team which enables them to offer such support to their Customers across the country. Triada also offers its support in installation of the Seals and also training to the assembly personnel, so as to ensure that all care is taken at various levels to reap the complete benefit of the proposed sealing system.

Triada also assists their Customers in improving the quality of the hardware where the seals are being used, as this is also an important criteria as regards to the performance and life of the Sealing System. Customers can also source the necessary installation tooling assemblies from Triada, which helps easy assembly process of the Seals, without damaging the Seals as well as the Housings. Alternatively Triada can provide the drawings of these installation tools, whereby the Customers can manufacture these tooling at their end itself.