Triada Technologies is born with a single objective; provide world class Sealing Technology to its Customers, at affordable price levels, without compromising on the Quality, On Time Delivery, Performance etc, which are given. Triada team is geared up to surpass the expectations of the Indian Customers, offering top of the line Technical Support coupled with logistic support, round the clock. To roll out this objective, Triada is associated with leading Sealing Element Manufacturers across the globe. All these Manufacturers have been in the industry since ages and have made their name in the Global Hydraulic & Pneumatic Industry and are also major suppliers to many other reputed Sealing System Suppliers. In a way, Triada’s Customers have indirectlly access to the same Seals/Sealing Systems that other Manufacturers offer, topped up with the Sealing expertise from Triada, but at reasonable costs. Triada shall have the complete responsibility and ownership on the performance & quality of the products being delivered.